NC System

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NC System

Product Dimensions


Technical Parameters:

Items Description
Control Axis(AE6032) Axis X. Y. Z. A : Arbitrary 2-3 axes move synchronously
Control Axis (AE6015/6019/6031) Axis X. Y. Z. A : Arbitrary 2-3 axes move synchronously
Maximum Programming Magnitude ±9999.999mm
Maximum Program Size 512M
Maximum Traverse of Fast Move 128m/min
Feed Rate/Manual Move Rate 0~150% Sixteen degree changeable simultaneously
Spindle Rate 0~120% Thirteen degree changeable simultaneously
Minimum command unit/control unit 0.001mm/0.00005mm
Control Axis(AE6032) Axis X. Y. Z. A : Arbitrary 2-3 axes move synchronously
Display Interface 8.4/10.4”TFT LCD, Chinese operation interface, position, timekeeping, time, velocity display
Graph Function Graph display, real-time tracking and simulation rate changeable
Velocity Planning T-curve/S-curve algorithm supported
Tool Compensation Tool length compensation, Tool radius compensation, Tool nose radius compensation
Instruction Function G code, M code, Macro program
Auxiliary function Spindle rotation/inverse rotation, spindle cooling, lubrication, spindle pneumatic function, scrap elimination, M function redefinition
Tool Magazine Management Three kinds of common tool magazines
Tool Control Hydraulic turret, motor-driven turret, servo turret, row turret
PLC Function Standard PLC program inside/user custom made,interface connected with PLC
Interpolation Function Linear/circular/helical/spline
Work mode Edit, auto, manual, MDI, hand-wheel
Referential Point Movement Manual, Auto
Emergency stop, position limit, alarm information Emergency stop signal detection, soft/hard position limit detection, alarm presentation self-definition
Metric/British System Transition Supported
Tool Machine Control Feed-maintaining, program segment skip, program lock
Input/Output Point 62 input/40 output
Program Edit Absolute/increment mix programming, decimal point programming, diameter/radius programming
Constant Linear Speed Control Supported
Screw/Reverse Gap/Torque Compensation Supported
Self-adaption Pre-process Supported
Fixed-cycle/Sub-Program Invoked Supported
Auto-center Searching/Tool Calibrating Supported
Data Interface USB, Network Interface
Servo Driver Configuration AC/DC driver


Product Catalogs:

Product Type Main Application Occasion
AE6015 2-4 axes, boring machine/carves-milling machine/machining center
AE6019 2-4 axes, grinding machine
AE6031 2-4 axes, boring machine/ carves-milling machine/machining center
AE6032 3-7 axes, boring machine/ carves-milling machine/machining center

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