Industrial Robots

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Characteristics of Industrial Robots

A&E Industrial robot handles 5kg-180kg payloads easily, accomplishes complex motion, and integrates with other equipments using a common interface. The robot has been widely used in transporting, sorting, loading and unloading, welding, polishing and so on; it can replace the repetitive and heavy manual labor, improving production efficiency. With higher precision of the operation and better product quality, A&E robot is widely used in the fields of welding, spraying, and polishing.


The Application of Our Products:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Machine tool Industry
  • Solar Energy and Glass Industry
  • Printing and Papermaking
  • Die Casting and Casting
  • Metal Industry

Our Advantages:

  • The core modular designed independently
  • Precise motion control and positioning
  • Intelligent and efficient path control

We Are Committed to Help Our Customers:

  • To improve production efficiency
  • To improve the quality of products
  • To raise the level of safety

We Provide A Set of Robot-Automation Solutions:

  • Robot product
  • Modular manufacturing unit
  • Comprehensive, timely, humanized service

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