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  • NC Machining Tools

    A&E series NC machine tool is a new type machine tool based on market requirements and our expertise. The core components, NC and servo systems are designed and manufactured by ourselves. The rapid traverse of X, Y and Z axis are up to 48m/min, and the spindle speed is up to 12000rpm. The NC machine tool is extremely suitable for drilling, machining and rigid tapping of aluminum components, box components and curved surfaces.

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  • Industrial Robots

    A&E Industrial robots handle payloads ranging from 5kg to180kg. Easily accomplish complex motion and integrate with other equipments with common interfaces. With the high build quality and the precision of operation, A&E robot is widely used in transporting, sorting, loading/unloading, welding, spraying, polishing and so on. It can replace the repetitive and heavy manual labor improving production efficiency.

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  • NC System

    A&E series CNC, based on double CPU of x86+ DSP and DOS operation system, is fully compatible and suitable for 3-7 axis synchronous movement. The main control unit, keyboard and display are integrated compactly. The CNC is easy to install and operate with integrated operation board. A&E CNC is widely applicable for all types of lathe, drilling, boring, carves-milling machine and machining center.

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  • Motors

    A&E servo motor is a new type permanent servo motor with high-performance, high-reliability, high-density and high-efficiency. It is based on our own special electromagnetism using our intellectual property rights. A&E servo motor has achieved international advanced standards. The motor is widely used for CNC machine, packing machinery, spinning machinery, printing machinery, robot and automatic production line applications.

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  • Drivers

    A&E series servo drivers are based on the hardware implementation with a fully-closed loop ensuring high performance. A&E series servo drivers featuring with great SVPWM control technology provides high reliability, high dynamic response and high control precision. The drivers are able to control 1-4 permanent magnetic synchronous motors or induction motors synchronously. They are widely used on machine for lathing, drilling, grinding, boring, milling and other automation devices.

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