A&E Took Parts in CIMES2012

A&E Took Parts in CIMES2012

Vogel Online News A&E Group highlighted CIMES2012. The 11th China International Machine Tool Exhibition jointly organized by the China National Machinery Industry Corporation and China National Machine Tool Corporation. China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES) is popular and supported by the machinery manufacturing, equipment consume enterprises , as well as foreign trade circulation enterprises at home and abroad. After nearly 20 years of development, the degree of internationalization of China International Machine Tool Show has had a qualitative leap, 2012 will be unprecedented.

A&E took part in CIMES2012


“PeiTian” is from Lao Tzu’s [Tao TeChing] Article 18th paragraph:

A good warrior is not bellicose,
A good fighter does not anger,
A good conqueror does not contest his enemy,
One who is good at using others puts himself below them.
This is called “integrity without competition,”
This is called “using others,”
This is called “parity with heaven,” – the pinnacle of the ancients.

Tao is the origin of the universe,the Tao is the natural law. It is invisible but everywhere now and then. Follow the rules of the “Tao”, Tao is the natural law, matural leads to success.

The name “PeiTian” contains the hope of enterprise leaders, “continued to do things that comply with the law “, like the Yellow River and Yangtze River .” PeiTian ” is both a heritage also is to carry forward, and also the interpretation of “broken then success, constant then broken”?, the law of the Tao and innovation and development.

Our Vision
A&E group is committed to being the global leader of industrial machine tools and key part supplier in the intelligent precision processing, and then to become provider of industrial technologies and end-to-end network solutions. PeiTian group provides innovative products and solutions that will promote operations of automotive, aviation, energy, heavy machinery, farm machinery, textiles, medical equipment and other engineering field more efficiently and accurately.

Our Mission
Alliances with our customers and partners , integrate our unique capabilities and advantages to serve for our customers, ensure that companies maximize the value. Grow together with China’s equipment manufacturing and precision mechanical and electrical industries to make the basis for changing from “made in China” to “created in China”.

Our Core Values
A&E Group is committed to building a mature professional team, continuing to do things that comply with the law, improve core competitiveness, and improve the multi-technology common manufacturing platform, nurture innovation, technical and management personnel. A&E Group has a large number of high-tech talent from top universities, as well as R & D team led by world-class experts. Six different product lines across many fields of machinery, electronics, materials, manufacturing, processing, forming, assembly and testing. A&E Group owns two production bases located in Anhui Province and Shenzhen. With advanced technology R & D and manufacturing philosophy, we have created the business model of multi-technology integration services, provide one-stop service for global industry-leading companies in the rapidly growing equipment manufacturing field.

We will absorb with humble and pious heart; whole hearted devotion to public duty with austerity and honest heart; prepared for danger in peace time with vigilance and vigilant heart ; pragmatic and innovation with rigorous and scientific heart ; expand our business with a positive and progressive heart; excellent, sustainable results back to society! we invite more partners and experienced technical and management personnel to join us, adhering to multilateral win and all-win strategy to create more value for our customers!

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