A&E Launched the First Industrial Robot

A&E Launched the First Industrial Robot

A&E, China’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturing, Industrial Automation Group, has announced the successful launch of its first industrial robot-RP06A by its Beijing R&D center. This new product not only strengthens the A&E’s technological leadership in the domestic, but also indicates A&E has the ability to meet the domestic and international industry demand for the high-performance robot by its robot series.

Although RP06A is the A&E’s first industrial robot, it owns the world’s leading technology of six-axis robot, agile, compact structure and light weight. This robot weights 100Kg, loads 6Kg, compact and flexible. It has the super ability to work, up to 880 mm working range, the leading level in this industry. The robot can be used in spaying, carry and assembly application.

A&E’s Beijing R&D Center was founded in Beijing in 2010, making Beijing become the core area of A&E’s robot business. Since its establishment, the center has applied for several patents. In addition, the center has established long-term cooperation relationship with Beijing JiaotongUniversitisy, Tsinghua University, Harbin University of Technology and other well- known universities for promoting technological innovation. The motion control card, researched and developed by the center independently, has received MetrolinkOrganization’s high recognitions and obtained the exhibition qualification in Shanghai MetrolinkFair as the type of innovative achievements.

Because RP06A has excellent performances in the materials carrying and assembling, it can be widely used in electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, scientific research, etc. Especially under the limited space, this product shows the obvious advantages of operation. It is an efficient solution for small work piece’s processing and assembling. A&E’s R&D Center has also launched a compact control cabinet with PR06A, providing excellent precision and motion control functions.

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