Company Profile

The name “PeiTian” originates from the 68th paragraph of the Tao Te Ching authored by Laozi. Following are from the words of Laozi: “People who are smart warriors, not arbitrary and reckless; People who are good at fighting, not angry without any reason; People who are good at defeating others, not warring with others easily; People who are good at influencing others, not competing with others; Harnessing the power of others proficiently is an indisputable virtue; Consistency with providence is the deepest and highest truth since ancient times.”

Tao is the essence of the universe; Tao is nature. Tao is invisible, but it is everywhere, regardless of when and where. To follow the rule of Tao is to follow the rule of nature.

Profound expectations injected in the name of “PeiTian” by the leader of our enterprise are consistent with the laws of nature. Much like the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers that have long histories and splendid futures, “PeiTian” is both a tradition and a spirit. All of these principles result in creative and innovative development techniques.

Our Vision

A&E group is committed to being the global leader of industrial machine tools and key part supplier in intelligent precision processing. A&E group develops industrial technologies and end-to-end network solutions. A&E products and solutions promote operations of automotive, aviation, energy, heavy machinery, farm machinery, textiles, medical equipment and other engineering fields with more efficiently and accurately.

Our Mission

Alliances with customers and partners, we deliver the best service and the maximum value added to our customers by integrating our unique capabilities and advantages. We are passionate to grow with China’s equipment manufacturing and precision electromechanical industry. We want to be the pioneer of the transition from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.

Our Core Values

A&E group is committed to build a professional team by following with the law of nature. By enhancing the core competitiveness constantly, perfecting the common manufacturing platform and cultivating innovative technical and management staff members. A&E group has a large number of high-tech talents from top colleges and universities, as well as a large number of international experts for heading the research and development team. A&E group has six product lines across the areas of machinery, electronics, materials, manufacturing, machining, forming, assembly, testing and other areas. Two major production bases of A&E are located in Anhui Province and Shenzhen, Guangdong. Using advanced R&D and manufacturing concepts, we create a business model called Services of Multi-Technology Integration. This provides a one-stop service for the global leading manufacturing enterprise in the fast-growing fields of equipment manufacturing.

We absorb advanced ideology with a humble and pious heart; work selflessly for the public interest with an honest and simple heart; alert for danger with a vigilant and robust heart; innovate pragmatically with a rigorous and scientific heart; expand our business with a positive and progressive heart; all the time, serving the community with our superior and sustainable performance! We invite more partners and experienced technical and management talents to join us, adhere to the win-win strategy and create more value for our customers!

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